5 Butt Exercises That are Better Than Squats!

When it comes to exercise and toning your body, you must pay more attention to the gluteus maximus muscle. Most trainers force people to do squats in order to shape their gluteus and they do work for most people, but not everyone. Plus, don’t they just get boring after a few months?

Squats are also not ideal for people suffering from knee problems, which are always on the lookout for a better solution. Luckily, there are many other exercises that will not only tone your body – they work better than squats.

Squats are not the ideal gluteus-toning exercise – there are many others which can target your glutes and shape them better.

The gluteus maximus muscle is actually a sleeping giant – they are pretty much underused, but brimming with potential. If you’re ready to start shaping your glutes, try the exercises you can see below.

5 Butt Exercises That are Better Than Squats

1. Single-leg deadlift with kettlebell

kettle bell deadliftsThis exercise will target your back muscles and glutes, while also working on your core and hamstrings. Take a 20-pound kettlebell in your left hand while standing, then lower your upper body until it’s parallel to the ground and raise your right leg up backwards.

Keep your back straight, then go back into the original position and repeat the exercise in 3 sets, with 15 repetitions in each.

2. Hydrants and leg extension

Go down on all fours, then raise your left leg behind and to the side. Bring it back to the original position and repeat the exercise on the other side.

Do 3 sets, with 20 repetitions per side.

3. Curtsy lunges

Stand upright with your hands on the hips, then cross your left foot over the right and lower your body to the floor. Keep the position for 2 seconds, then go back up and do 3 sets of the exercise with 15 repetitions in each.

4. Step-ups

Step-ups are a simple and fun way of toning your gluteus muscle. To do them, you need to stand in front of a bench with a barbell in your hands. Now, put your left leg on the bench and lift the other knee up, then go back and repeat with the other leg.

Do 3 sets of the exercise with 20 repetitions in each.

5. Bear plank leg lifts

Go down in a plank position – once you’re nicely settled, lift one of your legs up while squeezing your glutes, hold for a few seconds, then bring it down. Do 3 sets of this plank variation with 15 repetitions in each.

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